Why are our forms so intelligent anyway?

Forms are a key element in any website which needs to collect data from its users.  Traditionally, a form was added to a site as a static entity, which sat on the contact page, asking standard questions and accepting replies – then sending these replies to a site administrator.  Today though, the web has moved on, and people expect more interactivity from their websites – it’s all about ‘engagement’ – how much you can interact with a visitor, keep them on your site longer, and make them feel that you really understand their needs and wants.

Forms on the Fly’s intelligent forms allow you to do just this – whether you want to add lead generation tools, diagnostic forms, or forms just for fun, our technology lets you design a form which not only asks questions, but also listens to the replies.  What this means is that you can reply instantly to a form fill with much more than a simple “thank you” – in fact, if you wish, you can use the replies to generate a bespoke response to that visitor.  So if you provide a range of services and the purpose of your form is to help your visitor choose one, it’s time to stop asking questions and replying later.  Set up a Forms on the Fly form, ask the same questions, and then deliver your recommendation there and then.  You can even add hyperlinks to direct your visitor to the right page on your site.  Imagine being able to act as an on-site advisor 24/7, totally automatically, and without even having to be in front of your PC waiting for visitors.  You can get on with building your business, and let Forms on the Fly show your visitors what they need to know.

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