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How to use Forms on the Fly as a lead generation tool

Forms on the Fly was designed as a flexible way of designing interactive forms and quizzes for all kinds of applications, but we think that one of the most powerful and valuable uses is for on-site lead generation forms for small business.  The reason is this – standard forms just take data from visitors, they interrogate but don’t reply, and this means that once your visitor fills out your contact form and leaves your site, it’s a race against time to contact them before the competition does.

What Forms on the Fly does is provide a set of tools which enable you to extend your contact form with a set of questions designed to find out exactly what your visitor wants – and then (here’s the clever bit), deliver them personalised advice based on their answers.

So let’s assume you sell website hosting.  You have 3 products, all of which are different, and you want to promote the right one to each visitor.  If they phoned you, you’d know exactly what to ask, and what replies to give – and by doing so, you’d lead your prospect towards one of your products – the one right for their needs.

With Forms on the Fly, you can do exactly this, but automatically and without any help from you.  All you need to do is translate your typical questions into a form, and add this form to your site. Now when your visitors hit your site, they fill out your form, answer the questions, and using our reponse scoring technology you can direct them to the best possible page on your site, and promote the most suitable product or service for their needs – all of this happens automatically, and you get an email with their details so you can follow up. We know that many business owners hate cold calling – well now you can warm up your visitors before you call – capture their details and their needs, and contact them to confirm the solution your interactive form delivered.

Forms on the Fly is an evolution in contact form technology – make the most of every visitor who comes to your site – they are all looking for something, so why not ask them, evaluate their responses and deliver your solution, around the clock, and automatically?

Try Forms on the Fly now – we have a Free Forever version, which you can use to evaluate the system, and we offer a premier plan at £7 ($12) per month, which allows you to add your own branding, and includes support for HTML in the response – which means you can direct your visitors to specific pages on your site, or even affiliated links on other sites.

Forms on the Fly announces major new features

We are today pleased to announce a number of major new features for our leading, cloud-based, interactive form designer, aimed at helping small businesses, educators and other professionals engage more directly with their online audience.

Vicky Carne, Forms on the Fly CEO, said, “Professionals of all kinds are already using Forms on the Fly to attract new leads, engage with clients, and obtain diagnostic information. For this major new update, our aim was to improve the system making it even easier for our users to share their forms with the wider world through social networks. We are also pleased to announce a new ‘Free Forever’ version of Forms on the Fly, aimed particularly at non-commercial users. We believe that both of these developments will allow a broader range of users to leverage the power of Forms on the Fly by engaging with more of their target audience in a compelling and interactive way.”

Forms on the Fly offers a revolutionary way to generate interest in your product or service by using interactive form technology to engage with your visitors. Users can easily create forms designed to discover needs and deliver personalised feedback. They can then deploy them on their site, and share through email or via social networks including, Facebook and Twitter. Details of every form completed are immediately sent back to the creator, ready to be actioned.

The basic version is Free Forever. The Premier version at £7 ($12) a month unlocks advanced features including own branding, and removes advertising.

About Forms on the Fly – ‘Intelligent Forms for Smarter People’

Forms on the Fly is a UK-based start-up which promises to help business professionals add on-site forms and tests that deliver individualised feedback based on answers given. Forms on the Fly is different because the forms it creates are interactive – by assessing and scoring responses, a personalised verdict is automatically delivered to the respondent. Marketers are using the system to question visitors and send them to appropriate external sites via affiliate links. Educators have been using Forms on the Fly to pre-screen potential students, and to test existing candidates. The potential uses of Forms on the Fly are unlimited – anyone who wants to engage with more visitors can add a form to their site, or generate a link to attract respondents via Facebook or Twitter. Details of every form completed are immediately sent back to the creator, ready to be actioned.

Forms on the Fly was founded by Vicky Carne, who has over 25 years’ entrepreneurial experience creating and building new technology businesses. In the 80s she founded Mosaic Publishing, a computer games company (bestsellers included ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole’, ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ and the first soap computer game, ‘The Archers’).

More recently she co-founded Email Reaction, a pioneering provider of email marketing technology boasting a high-profile client list including Times Newspapers, Penguin Books and Adecco.

For additional information please contact Vicky Carne +44 (0)20 8994 9664