Case Study – Cambridge Tab quizzes

Quizzes for online newspaper engage their readers

The Tab is an online newspaper for students at Cambridge University. It’s run by students, and is the only newspaper in Cambridge operated solely by students. Using Forms on the Fly they have transformed their quizzes from lists of questions and answers to interactive and engaging games.

Lottie Unwin, Associate Editor, commented: ‘The ability to add scores and provide users with an assessment at the end of the questions, creates an experience.  Because we exist only online, creating a quiz the reader can enjoy alone, rather than requiring a partner to read out the questions, is very important to us. And, with the branding option, the quizzes add a very easy professional touch to our site.  As we are run entirely by volunteers, the speed with which such a professional tool can be employed is very useful.’

Using quizzes built with Forms on the Fly has increased the average time readers spend on the Tab site, which is an important statistic for potential advertisers.  Lottie said: ‘I have been very surprised, and delighted, to see how many readers complete the quizzes.  For example, we recently published the “Tab’s Big 2010 Quiz” which so far has been read by 1,261 people and 424 readers have finished the 15 question quiz.’

Now they’ve seen the potential, they are beginning to think more broadly about ways they can use the Forms on the Fly application across their site, employing it, for example, to find out more about their writers. Their staff can quickly teach themselves how to use the application and soon find it useful for implementing lots of their ideas.

If you’d like to try their latest quiz, just click on the picture below!

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