Case Study – Brighton & Sussex Medical School training

Using Forms on the Fly as an educational tool for pre-screening & assessments

CDA carry out a range of training and workshop modules for a broad range of large organisations. This work includes contributing to the post-graduate programme at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School, helping future health leaders manage and communicate knowledge.

The sessions cover a lot of ground, and it’s very helpful if the attendees begin the day with a good understanding of what will be covered and some of the core underlying concepts. The post graduate programme is taught in modules so attendees may need to get back ‘into the zone’ after a period away from studying. It’s also important that CDA understand competency levels and concerns in advance so that the pitch of the training can be adjusted if required.

Forms on the Fly enables them to:

  1. Use the forms as mini-questionnaires, with quiz elements, allowing people to demonstrate understanding / skill sets, rate competency levels and flag key areas of interest and concern. The forms are easy to create and highly flexible. They can divide the forms into sections and use a combination of response options including multiple-choice and free text.
  2. Record who has completed each form so they can chase slow responders (who can be emailed directly from the system).
  3. They can also include additional insights either onscreen as people are completing the questionnaire or when they download their completed version. These insights add context to the questions, explain less familiar concepts and also provide a springboard to background reading.


Anne Caborn of CDA commented: ‘Forms on the Fly adds value to the day and puts delegates into direct contact with us online via our blog (it could just as easily be our website), so encouraging them to browse the rest of our offering and download research, white papers etc. We are currently looking at creating a more generic quiz with Forms on the Fly, to use as a broader business engagement tool.’

CDA is a content strategy and digital communications consultancy

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