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Using Forms on the Fly as an education & training tool

Online quizzes and tests are excellent tools for educators and trainers. For individuals or smaller establishments that don’t benefit from a large e-learning platform incorporating form building tools it may be too complex and costly to develop these to offer their students. Forms on the Fly offers the flexibility to build tests that deliver individualised assessments and scores, and is both very simple to use and affordable.

One of our users recently commented: “We run communication training modules for the post-graduate programme at the Brighton & Sussex Medical School. Creating mini-questionnaires with quiz elements allows students to demonstrate understanding and helps us rate competency levels and flag key areas of interest and concern. The forms are so easy to create and highly flexible – we can divide them into sections, use a combination of response options and we have a record of who’s completed them so we can chase slow responders by email directly from the system.”

Here’s an example of a test for psychology students. Whatever your area of expertise, try this test to get a feel for the ways in which you might use Forms on the Fly.

Not all forms tools are the same … here’s why

When we originally launched we promoted Forms on the Fly with the tag line ‘it’s not a survey tool’. But, apparently, that confused people who thought we meant is WAS a survey tool (no, I don’t get it either!).

So we don’t say that any more. Except here. Forms on the Fly is different from other form building tools. It’s not designed to be used for contact forms or surveys or polls (although you can use it for those to an extent). We think it’s unique – and so far no one’s told us we’re wrong.

Ok, here’s why:

survey tool comparisonWith form building tools for surveys (you know who they are), respondents answer  questions and you (the surveyor) can access a variety of statistical reports derived from the aggregated results.

With Forms on the Fly, respondents complete your form which is  then processed individually to immediately provide the respondent with their own personal feedback report based on the answers they gave. Yes, you may have to do a little more work in initially creating the form – you’re providing the answers as well as the questions – but think how much time you’ll save by having an interactive form doing all the repetitive, initial Q&A of prospecting groundwork for you.